Mid South Nuclear Services


 Radioactive Materials Licensing

 Regulatory Required Tests

 Dose Calibrator Linearity

 Dose Calibrator Accuracy

 GM Meter Calibrations

 Ion Chamber Calibrations

 Quarterly GM Meter Operational checks

 Well Counter Calibrations

 Uptake Probe Calibrations

 Sealed Source Inventory

 Sealed Source Leak Test

 Room Air Flow analysis for Xenon 133


 Daily instrument QA/QC

 Comprehensive Compliance

 Radiation Safety Program

 Annual Radiation Safety and ALARA

 Dosimetry records for ALARA Compliance

 Radiation Safety Training

 Nuclear Medicine Staff

 Radiology Staff

 Cath Lab Staff

 Nuclear Pharmacy Staff

 DOT Hazmat Training for Nuclear Medicine



 New Department Consulting



 Floor Plans


 Equipment (dose calibrator, survey meter, etc)

 Equipment setup & Testing

 Initial Radiation Safety Training for Staff

 PET Center Design and Shielding

 Accreditation Services



 Education Services

 Radiation Safety Training in Nuclear Medicine

 Radiation Safety Training for Radiology Staff

 Radiation safety Training for Nursing Staff

 DOT Hazmat Training